Waxman: Nanny puts Clemens at Canseco’s house

Mark Souder (R., Pa.) railed against a “wall of silence” among major league baseball players that allow the drug culture to prevail in the game, and also raised questions about ownership complicity.

William Clay (D., Mo.) got all starry-eyed during his questioning of Clemens, asking him if he knew what uniform he’d be wearing to the Hall of Fame.

“Somebody is trying to break my spirit in the room,” Clemens said. “They’re not going to break my spirit.”

Waxman is now noting that Clemens’s former nanny said she was at Canseco’s house, that Clemens’ wife Debbie and the children overnighted at Canseco’s, that Canseco was also there, and that Clemens called her to come to his house Sunday, even though he hasn’t seen Clemens since 2001.

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