Waxman: Pettitte, wife gave affidavits implicating Clemens

Waxman said that Pettitte in his sworn affidavit again said that he had two conversations with Clemens about HGH, one in 1999 and 2005, and his wife Laura, also in a sworn affidavit, told the committee that Pettitte told her about first conversations. The first, in 1999 or 2000, Pettitte said Clemens told him he’d used HGH, a story corroborated by his wife. The second, in 2005, Pettitte said that he asked Clemens what he would do if asked about using HGH. Clemens told him he must have misunderstood him in the first conversation, that his wife, Debbie had used HGH. Again, Laura Pettitte corroborated her husband’s story.
Waxman challenged Clemens’s sworn version, saying that Brian McNamee and Clemens both testified that McNamee had injected Debbie Clemens in 2003, which means he could not have been referring to Debbie Clemens back in ’99. Clemens testified that his wife was injected without his knowledge. McNamee said Clemens asked him to inject her.
Waxman said Clemens made statements that were “known to be untrue,” “contradicted credible witnesses,” or “simply implausible.”
One such contradiction, Waxman pointed out, was when Clemens said McNamee injected him with Lidocaine. Waxman said that both the Blue Jays team doctor and trainer said Clemens’ account “makes no sense.”

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