Pitchers, catchers set to arrive

It’s a glorious day down here in Fort Myers. The sun is shining, the birds are singing (I assume, I haven’t heard any yet), and pitchers and catchers report today. What could be better?

Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day. (A very happy one to all of you out there reading.)

Jonathan Papelbon just spoke, anointing the Red Sox as the team to beat. He sat on the green steps outside the Red Sox locker room and addressed the media, wearing a T-shirt and sweats, and sporting some stubble. We’ll be back to you in just a few minutes with some pearls of wisdom from the Sox closer.


But speaking of Valentine’s Day, a group of baseball writers, myself included, were out last night having dinner. We were deciding on orders, when our waitress asked if we were ready for the big day tomorrow.

Our reaction? Wow. How did she know that pitchers and catchers report tomorrow? Must be a big baseball fan.

Oh, wait. She might have meant Valentine’s Day.

That’s right. Your intrepid reporters have a one-track mind at this time of year. It’s all baseball, all the time. And all blogging, all the time. We aim to please.

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