Schilling: ‘I will pitch again, and win’

Make that seven members of the media who were invited to know what’s on Curt Schilling’s mind. Schilling himself posted his thoughts on pitching again on his website this afternoon.

“The situation warranted addressing the media at some point, yesterday was that day. Given what’s happened over the past three months the discussion was not going to go anyone’s way in the end,” Schilling wrote. “Suffice to say it’s over, and I am rehabbing and doing everything possible to get healthy and pitch again. Were there disagreements? Sure. Does that matter now? Absolutely not. The course of action has been laid out and I am dead set on making this work.”


Count on Curt to get back on the mound at some point. That was the prediction from Schilling: “I will pitch again, and win, but it will be on a timetable I just don’t know yet,” Schilling wrote.

Schilling is also aware of the financial predicament the Red Sox find themselves in with No. 38 on the shelf.

“At the moment they are out 8 million dollars for a guy that cannot pitch, that can’t be a good thing,” Schilling wrote. “I’d bet that I’ll figure out some way to validate this entire thing when it’s all said and done. If you don’t like that, or believe that, then feel free to bet against me, it won’t be the first time.”

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