Hurst hired

Bruce Hurst, who had a 145-113 record in 379 games over his major league career, was hired by the team to be a special instructor for player development. In the role, Hurst will travel around to minor league clubs a couple of times a month to help out with minor league players, evaluating their development. With an 11 year old child at home, he wasn’t interested in going full-time on the road, but did want to become involved.

Hurst played for the Sox from 1980-1988. He is coming off four years as the pitching coach for the China national team.

“It’s been 20 years since I’ve been back in a Red Sox uniform and I’m looking forward to helping out,” Hurst said. “They’re going to send me to minor league teams once or twice a month to report back on what I see, help out where I can, just any special projects as I go along.


“I’ve developed certain philosophies that I really believe. I really believe in strong, very sound fundamentals as far as delivery. I believe in developing a strong mind and a belief system that they can compete at a high level. That they learn how to be able to not just throw strikes but be able to pitch within a major league strike zone and underneath the major league pressure and the microscope.”

Hurst also reflected on the organization as it is now, as opposed to when he was on the field: “This is my own belief, that this is the elite organization in baseball. In the 20 years since I’ve been gone, what I’ve seen from when I left to what we have now, it’s the epitome of what this place can be. I think every player back in my generation, when they left, there was always a certain amount of frustration, for whatever reason, and I think the frustration was the fact that they saw what it could become and it never reached its potential and now I think it’s reached its potential.”

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