Torre won’t miss Sox-Yankees

VERO BEACH, Fla. – New Dodgers manager Joe Torre will not miss the Boston-New York rivalry that he was a huge part of the past 12 years. Torre, who spoke to reporters moments ago at Dodgertown, also said how happy he was for Terry Francona upon receiving a new contract.

When asked if he’d miss the rivalry said, “No…..and I think Terry feels the same way. Terry and I are going to be sharing a game here and then three in LA. Terry and I used to talk just about after every series and we’d always say, ‘I’m glad this is over at least for now. I’ll see you in a month or two months’ or whatever it was. Just because of the carnival-like atmosphere. And again, not to say that it shouldn’t be that way. I think players from both teams fed off that, but it did wear you out.


“In baseball you try to maintain a level balance all the time because you’re playing 162 games, but those series certainly elevated that. Each game became the 7th game of the World Series.

“We’ve had good balance. In the 90s we always seemed to beat them more in the second half because it was a matter of our pitching outlasting their pitching. They addressed that and obviously the results show it in how good and how consistent they’ve been. But it does wear you out. Yeah, I’m not gonna miss it.”

On Francona:
“I’m happy for Terry. He went into a situation there and it’s a roller-coaster ride. Add the fact they hadn’t won in so long. He always had to deal with the media and the media is very tough there. And he seemed to maintain a good grip on the team. Especially when you’ve got so many different personalities. When they got between the lines they played baseball. There may have been some issues he had to deal with but when they were out on the field, they went out to work.”

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