Colon needs to drop a few

Bartolo ColonNew acquisition Bartolo Colon came out and long-tossed with pitching coach John Farrell, who was impressed that Colon was able to throw the ball 120 feet on a line –” He’s never lacked for arm strength”.

Farrell was less impressed that Colon showed up at camp looking like he was auditioning for the Biggest Loser. Colon has always pitched big, and didn’t look that bad in his polo jersey, but the Sox warmup hid nothing. Farrell acknowledged that getting into shape will be Colon’s biggest challenge, and that the former Cy Young Award winner (2005) is prepared to remain back in camp when the club leaves here for the start of the regular season.


Farrell wouldn’t put a number on how much weight Colon needs to lose, but a conservative guess is a good 20 pounds. He hasn’t thrown since the Caribbean Series at the start of the month, which made his long toss session that much more impressive.

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