Clemens speaks, sort of

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Roger Clemens just arrived at Astros camp to throw batting practice to minor leaguers this morning.

Clemens, dogged by steroid allegations, arrived in a black Hummer holding a University of Texas sweatshirt – among other things – in his hands.

Upon seeing several reporters as he made his way into the Astros’ minor league complex, Clemens commented sarcastically “There’s a big league team to the left (referring to the major league Astros who were working out). I think. I am not sure.”

When asked by reporters if he was going to speak later today, he replied, “Nope”. Then he paused and said, “Wow! You guys need to get a life. I did all I am going to do yesterday.”


Clemens is expected to remain in Astros camp for three days. His son Koby was also on hand as part of a minor league camp. The younger Clemens has been converted to catcher and will get some private tutelage from Brad Ausmus.

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