Hank won’t join Red Sox Nation

TAMPA – Hank Steinbrenner said a few moments ago that his recent rants about the Red Sox are all in good fun and that he has agreat deal of respect for Sox owner John Henry, a former Yankees’ limited partner.

That said, Steinbrenner said of Henry’s offer to have Steinbrenner join up for Red Sox Nation, “I’m not gonna join Red Sox Nation – honorary or not – I’ll respond to that later. Trust me I’m never going to join Red Sox Nation. But John Henry’s a great guy.”

Steinbrenner also hinted the Sox and Yankees might wind up being business partners.


“We have a lot in common, too. The Yankees ownership and Red Sox ownership have a lot in commont and a lot of common interests. I hate to scare Red Sox or Yankees’ fans, we may end up being business partners in the future…we have a lot in common..in baseball and outside of baseball.”

Steinbrenner said he would not elaborate on what those common business interests might be.

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