Pap on his contract

Jonathan Papelbon made a few outspoken comments this afternoon on his contract status, which will need to be resolved by the March 11 deadline. His agents, Seth and Sam Levinson, were in Fort Myers yesterday to discuss the situation with the Red Sox. Papelbon confirmed that the two sides have gotten to the point where they won’t be able to even get close to working out a long-term deal.

Papelbon is a year away from arbitration, which means that he is essentially at the mercy of the Sox, as to what salary they want to give him when they renew his contract.


“That situation, man, it’s a tough situation for me right now because basically I’m at a point to where I feel like the position I’m in, there’s a certain standard that needs to be put in place here,” Papelbon said. “I feel like with me being at the top of my position I feel like that standard needs to be set and I’m the one to set that standard. And I don’t think that the Red Sox are really necessarily seeing eye-to-eye with me on that subject right now. Hopefully we can get somewhere.

“We’re chugging away at this thing and we want to get it done, believe me, and we can move on. At the same time, I feel a certain obligation to not only to myself and my family to make the money that I deserve, but for the game of baseball. Mariano Rivera has been doing it for the past 10 years. With me coming up behind him, I feel a certain obligation to do the same.”

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