Pap, Sox agree to deal

The Red Sox and closer Jonathan Papelbon have agreed to a one-year deal worth $775,000.

That’s more than closer Bobby Jenks got with a similar amount of service time, as he signed a $550,000 contract. Papelbon was looking for a deal in the range of $900,000, like the one signed by Ryan Howard at the same point in his career. He didn’t quite get that, but he got a significant bump over his $425,550 salary from last season.

If the Sox and Papelbon hadn’t reached this agreement, the Red Sox would have had the option of renewing his contract for an arbitrary figure.


The Red Sox have also agreed to terms with all 18 of their unsigned players, none of whom got renewed.

Oh, and the team has given up seven runs in the ninth inning, including a three-run homer by Luke May and a grand slam by Jason Repko. The three-run shot tied the score at 5-5. …

Now it’s a final, Dodgers win 9-6.

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