Wake goes three

Tim Wakefield went three innings this afternoon against the Dodgers, giving up one hit and two walks, while striking out three and not allowing a run. Wakefield said, “I felt good. It was good to get my pitch count up. Pitched out of a couple jams, which was good. You don’t like to be in that, but it’s good to work on in spring training.”

Wakefield said he’s trying to cut his time to home plate down to about 1.4 seconds from the 1.5, 1.6 he was getting at the start of spring training. Juan Pierre stole second off him in the first inning, but Wakefield said he wasn’t terribly slow on that particularly pitch. He is, of course, spending more time worrying about the quality of his pitches than the speed.

It’s now 5-1, Red Sox, in the bottom of the fourth inning.


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