Sox win

The Red Sox won today, snapping their seven-game winless streak, with a 4-3 triumph over the Mets.

As for those comments from Mike Greenwell, who threw out the first pitch yesterday at City of Palms Park, he discussed the steroids issue this afternoon. Not only did he say that guys tainted by steroids should be in the Hall of Fame, but that he studied steroids when he was a player, though he never went so far as to try them.

“The truth?” he said. “My wife’s a nurse and basically told me she’d kill me if she caught me doing it. Really. Reality.


“She was a nurse. I looked into it [steroids]. I studied it. I know a lot about steroids, to be honest with you. Because I was very, very tempted as a player to do it and I think there’s many, many players out there that were tempted to do it. Probably if I didn’t have my wife I would have done it to try to perform at that level. Another little slight reason I retired when I retired. I just didn’t feel like it was quite even anymore.”

We’ll have more in tomorrow’s paper.

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