Coco works out

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Coco Crisp took part in a full workout today – tracking down balls in the outfield and taking live batting practice righthanded.

Crisp, beset with groin problems this spring, feels he’s turning the corner, but whether he can make the trip to Japan remains up in the air even though he said today that he would like to make the trip.

“The last couple of days I’ve felt better and I felt I could do a lot more today. I had a full workout today. I just have to be patient with the sprinting. I haven’t gotten to the sprinting part of it yet. I don’t want to do that yet and restart it (the injury) again. But I ran out there pretty fast. I could probably beat you guys (reporters) in a race right now. It’s coming along. I’m happy with the progress,” Crisp said.


Crisp asked whether he was frustrated by the fact other teams are interested in him but can’t pull off a deal because he hasn’t shown he’s healthy, said, “I really don’t think about too many things that could happen. I don’t think about them on a day-to-day basis. Like I said, it’s a terrible feeling not to be out there with my teammates, Like show-casing myself, I don’t even worry about that. I’m here and hopefully people believe in what I can do. I have to go out there I guess and re-show in a way. So hopefully I’ll be ready for the season, whereever I end up.”

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