Medical updates with Francona

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Terry Francona provided some medical updates this morning…

On Josh Beckett’s back: “He said he’s closer. He’s doing the treadmill. He’s getting there. We told him when you think you’re there, we’ll probably hold you back for a couple of days. He’s doing a good job of doing exactly what the trainers tell him to do. That’s not an easy thing for him to do. He’s such a hundred-mile-an-hour guy.”

Asked whether he was ready to say Beckett wasn’t going to Japan, Francona said, “When I think it’s appropriate, when I’ve talked to just about everybody, we’ll state where we’re going with people. Just want to make sure that things fall into place.”


Coco Crisp was taking batting practice a few moments ago and he was seen doing a little running. Francona continued to indicate that how much Crisp can do to come back is strictly up to him. Francona said that when Crisp is ready he’ll be ready to start playing him.

Francona also mentioned the ongoing Bobby Kielty calf injury. With both Crisp and Kielty unable to play of late the Sox CF situation has been a bit thin. Wonder if there’s the possibility of acquiring another outfielder?

On Kielty’s injury, “With Coco not feeling good, that dynamic comes into play. It’s not that easy because we have to make sure he’s OK. That’s what hard about this trip. You can talk all you want about the physical nature of it (Japan trip) but the decision-making process has been sped up significantly. You’re pressed into making some decisions before you want to.”

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