Wakefield perfect in 5-inning minor league game

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Tim Wakefield was flawless in a five-inning minor league stint against the Cincinnati Reds this afternoon at the Red Sox minor league complex. Facing Triple-A Reds hitters, Wakefield struck out three, and the rest of the line was zeroes as he completely dominated.

Wakefield, who threw 64 pitches (48 for strikes) was caught by his new batterymate, Kevin Cash, who had no problem keeping up with a very lively knuckleball, which would start out as a strike and would dive into the dirt, but not before fooling young Reds’ hitters.

“I don’t care who the hitters were,” said Cash, “That was as as good as I’ve ever seen him throw.” Cash said Wakefield threw predominantly knuckleballs. He said he threw about five fastballs and about as many curveballs.


Wakefield threw nine flyball outs and three on the ground.

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