Coaches and staff will be compensated

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Here’s what we know about the deal to compensate players.

A major league source said moments ago that all staff associated with the trip will be compensated. Not sure whether it’s $40,000 or even more because the receipts from the trip will be split at the end.

According to the source, in the past, the coaches’ compensation has come from the players’ portion of the pool. This time around the coaches were eliminated from that pool. Did someone not tell the players? That’ll be the interesting question to Sox player reps after the game.

The source said that coaches, and managers as well as the training staff will all be compensated and the final amount is expected to exceed $40,000 per man.


The major league source was miffed that they are being portrayed as the ones who backed out of an agreement.

Efforts to reach the Players Association have been unsuccessful.

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