Manny’s comments

Yes, yes, I know I’ve been promising. So, for all of you insomniacs out there, here are a few of the notable sayings from Manny Ramirez.

It’s actually really interesting. He’s significantly more approachable this spring. It all started back in the playoffs last season, but it’s continued through the spring. It’s great for us. We can bring you another perspective from the clubhouse, and it’s much easier to write about Ramirez when he comments.

I just walked over to him before the game, and he agreed to speak with me one-on-one. He later spoke with a larger group of Boston media when I had finished talking to him. His locker was on the end of the row, putting him somewhat out in the open in the extremely cramped clubhouse at the Tokyo Dome. And all his teammates took a slight interest in the fact that he was speaking — Mike Lowell laughed, saying that Ramirez only talks in the playoffs or Japan.


Something like that.

But Ramirez did say that he’s shooting for 600 home runs — at least. First, though, comes 500, which is just 10 homers away at this point.

“[It’s] just another milestone that I’m going to accomplish,” Ramirez said, of reaching 500 home runs. “But my train doesn’t stop there. Six hundred. I want to play because I love the game. If I play six more years, why not? I’m pretty sure I’m going to reach it.

“If my body feels good, I’m going to keep playing. Why stop? You love the game, why you’ve got to stop? Age is just a number.”

As he has repeated this spring, Ramirez is not just hoping but expecting the Red Sox to pick up both options on his contract, each for a year at $20 million.

“They’re not stupid,” Ramirez said, of the Red Sox. “They know. They know I can play and I’m ready. That’s it. I’m going to get the two options, then I’m going to get a four-year deal. I’m just going to go and get it.”

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