Beckett to DL; Casey, Wake, Timlin inactive

TOKYO — Sources have indicated that the three inactive players for the first two games of the season, in Tokyo, will be Tim Wakefield (who pitched yesterday), Sean Casey (stiff neck), and Mike Timlin (stitches in his ring finger).

Jed Lowrie and Bobby Kielty will be the two extra players. Of the 30 currently in Japan (excluding Curt Schilling) there will be two players will not be among the 28 roster spots (including those three inactives).

Two moves will need to be made for this to happen. Kevin Cash’s contract will be purchased and Josh Beckett will be place on the disabled list retroactive to March 19. That means he will be eligible to come off on April 3, the offday between Oakland and Toronto.


Timlin will be reevaluated in Los Angeles, and the possibility remains that he might have to also go on the disabled list.

The Red Sox will keep three catchers for now: Jason Varitek, Dusty Brown, and Cash.

Kielty has an out clause in his contract that allows him to leave the team at the end of spring training. That date comes up at the end of the month, after the series in LA. If he is not added to the roster by then, he can sign with another club.

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