Sox working out

OAKLAND – The Red Sox are working out at McAfee Colisuem as we write.

No big news.

*Terry Francona said J.D. Drew, who has missed time with a sore back, will play in Wednesday afternoon’s game against Oakland. He’ll face Rich Harden. Francona said this time schedule would allow Drew to take batting practice today (which he is doing right now) and allow Drew to ease back into the lineup. Francona said he also wanted Drew’s bat in the lineup against the tough Harden, who beat the Sox in Japan.

*Francona was awaiting word on whether outfielder Bobby Kielty had accepted a Triple-A assignment or elected to opt out of his contract and sign with another team. Kielty has been given permission to hang in LA the next couple of days while that decision is being made.


*The Sox think Daisuke Matsuzaka will be more relaxed in his second start away from the attention of Tokyo. Francona said Matsuzaka had a side session the other day where “the mitt didn’t move” referring to the pintpoint control the Sox’ No. 2 pitcher showed.

*Mike Timlin had stitches taken out of his right ring finger Sunday and “played catch from 60 feet” according to Francona, but it appears Timlin will have a rehab assignment before he’s activated.

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