Papi gives Boston the lead

OAKLAND – Big Papi told me earlier this week concerning teams trying to bring in lefties to face him:

“It’s been happening too many years,” Papi said. “It’s hard to find that one lefty just to get me out. Like the Yankees got (Mike) Myers a few years ago from us. But you’re not gonna get me out throwing the same crap all the time. I’m gonna get you at one point. If I’m on my game, I don’t care if it’s a lefty or a righty. Doesn’t matter to me. And I think the league knows that now. You can try to do percentages against me, and that’s what most of them try to do, but it doesn’t matter. If I’m not swinging that bat well, I’ll fight through it. But lefties don’t bother me,” he said.


Add Alan Embree to the list. Papi took him deep for a 2-run homer in the 7th to break a scoreless game. Papi was 2-for-6 against Embree before the homer. Ortiz had singled in the fifth to break an 0-for-12.

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