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BALTIMORE – According to acting manager Brad Mills, Clay Buchhholz’ stint on the DL is due to a concern that 1) Buchholz’ tender middle finger as a result of a torn fingernail, needs to heal; and 2) the possibility he could alter his delivery and injure a shoulder or an elbow if he pitched with it. Of course, the Sox also needed to bring up an outfielder, and did so with Jonathan Van Every, who starts in CF today.

Buchholz said he ripped the nail across the top of his right middle finger while throwing a 2-seam fastball warm-up pitch before the start of the second inning of his last start. He said he didn’t tell anyone about it, hoping to be able to get through the game. Buchholz said he was shut down from throwing yesterday, today and likely on the off-day tomorrow. He’ll be looked at by doctors when he returns to Boston tomorrow. “It happened at the right time for them, worst time for me,” said Buchholz, who said he spoke to manager Terry Francona, who was attending the funeral services for his mother-in-law in Arizona. Francona spoke to him about concerns of possibly causing more injury by over-compensating and also stressed the need for a roster spot to bring up an outfielder with J.D. Drew down with a sprained left wrist and Crisp’s illness. “I don’t like not pitching for a couple of weeks, but it is what it is,” said Buchholz.


Coco Crisp, who was battling headaches and nausea, said he felt better once he got to his hotel room last night. Even ate pizza after eating crackers all day. But started to feel worse this morning. “I feel off-and-on better and weird. I woke up feeling better, did some late Mother’s Day shopping…but then started feeling sick again. My head is messed up…a heavy-type feeling.” Mills hopes Crisp will be well enough to play later in today’s game…

Mills said both Drew and Julio Lugo (Concussion) would be looked at by doctors in Boston Thursday. Mills did not want to speculate whether Drew’s wrist might put him on the DL….

Van Every was on route and the hope was he got here by game time.

One reader suggested the Sox sign Trot Nixon, who is playing for Tucson.

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