Just in case…

While it’s still raining, and there have been no updates on the rain situation, the TV schedule this weekend is complicating things even more.

Because the Red Sox are playing on Fox tomorrow and on TBS on Sunday, that makes switching game times all but impossible. So the Sox likely wouldn’t be able to play a doubleheader either day (no games are allowed to go up against the Sunday night ESPN exclusive window).

We’ve been looking at mutual off days on the schedule. There appears to be one on June 26, which would be at the end of a Sox homestand (before the team heads to Houston) and in between games in Atlanta and Minnesota for the Brewers. I doubt that would go over well with either team.


That being said, it looks ugly around here, but there have been no announcements about this game being postponed tonight.

There was a big cheer just now from the crowd on hand — the Celtics game was put up on the scoreboard in centerfield.

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