Pap to Rays: ‘Payback is a bitch’

In his weekly appearance on Comcast SportsNet yesterday, Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon said the Sox feud with the Rays is not over yet.

“Obviously as you can see it’s a war when we go play those guys,” Papelbon said on the Sox rivalry with the Rays.

“In my opinion it is a bunch of bull what they did,” said Papelbon on the Rays piling on during the fight. “All I got to say is what comes around goes around. Payback is a bitch. In my opinion, and the way I feel right now, this thing isn’t all settled and done. We still got to play them a few more times and I know when we go into Tropicana things will be a little different than when went in there last time.”


Last Thursday night, Rays starter James Shields hit Sox outfielder Coco Crisp in the leg with a pitch in the second inning. Crisp then dropped his bat and charged the mound and a fight ensued. Eight players were suspended, including three Red Sox, for the brawl. Crisp, who received a seven-game suspension, has an appeal hearing set for June 23.

Sox lefthander Jon Lester finished his five-game suspension last night, enabling him to start against the Orioles tonight. Sean Casey has not had to make a decision about whether to appeal his three-game suspension because the penalties were staggered. His is slated to begin Saturday.

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