Caught stealing

Two days before Manny Ramirez got comfortable in the Green Monster and chatted on a cell phone during a pitching change, Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell was caught on camera having fun with a fan’s mobile device.

During the ninth inning of Monday’s 1-0 triumph over the Minnesota Twins, Lowell chased a foul ball to the stands along the third base line. As fans in the front rows turned to watch the ball carry out of play, Lowell swiped a man’s cell phone from the top of the wall.

WBZ’s Dan Roche asked Lowell about the incident on Wednesday and, while admitting he gave the phone back, Lowell joked: “I always just look to see if there’s like peanuts or nachos… and no one ever on the third base side… I think they banned like nachos, peanuts and popcorn there… because no one ever eats them.”


Added Lowell: “I kinda just want to take one from them to see their reaction. I guess a cell phone could have been good. If it was his wallet it would have been better… If it was his wallet I would have kept it in my pocket until the end of the game and then I would have given it back to him. I think that one would have been good.”

Check out WBZ’s interview with Lowell. (Note: YouTube appears to have taken down all videos related to the Lowell incident).

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