Manny in the wall …again

Manny taking a break

(Reuters Photo)


(Jim Davis / Globe Staff)

Manny Ramirez had another Monster moment Sunday afternoon, climbing into the wall to sip on a sports drink during a pitching change in the seventh inning. When he was done, Ramirez tipped his cap to the Fenway faithful (left).

This wasn’t the first trip Ramirez made inside the Monster this week. On Wednesday, Ramirez climbed into the wall to make a cell phone call, leading many Sox fans to question whom he was calling.

Of course, Red Sox fans aren’t just discovering Manny’s quirky nature now. He’s been providing Manny-being-Manny moments for years. Click here to view some of the best.


If the events of the last week are any indication, it seems like Manny has developed a new favorite habit. What will Manny do in the wall next? Leave your comment here.

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