A day of denials …

NEW YORK — Theo Epstein just responded to an e-mail I sent him in regard to the Mark Teixeira trade rumors that have been floating around the past two days. The ESPN report was that Sox and Braves were discussing Teixeira for Kevin Youkilis and Craig Hansen.

Asked if there was anything to it, Epstein responded, “No, not at all.”

Ran into agent Jeff Borris earlier today. He represents Barry Bonds. Borris denied the Sox ever had any interest in Bonds or that he had a secret workout for them.

Scott Boras and the Red Sox don’t appear to be rushing into any substantive talks concerning catcher Jason Varitek’s future with the team. Boras and the Sox are willing to wait until the end of the season though both parties aren’t against altering those plans. Varitek is a free agent at season’s end.


Manny Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez have had a long chat sitting with other AL teammates along the first base side during tonight’s home run derby. A-Rod has always spoken highly of Ramirez and considers him one of his closest friends.

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