Manny: ‘Dream come true;’ Papi takes his hacks

NEW YORK — Manny Ramirez just did an on-field interview with Yankees radio broadcaster John Sterling that was broadcast over the Stadium PA system. Noting that he grew up just 10 minutes or so from here, in Washington Heights, Manny said it was a “dream come true” to be here. He also repeated, with a straight face, that it was his goal to win a Gold Glove. Sterling then brought up Manny’s catch-and-high-five in Baltimore, and called that Gold Glove.

Ramirez then took some batting practice hacks in a group that included Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz, who took one round of BP, then another, and hit at least three in the seats. From my perch in right field, I couldn’t tell on a couple, but Sox fans should be ecstatic.


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