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Manny Ramirez being interviewed on Ch. 7's Sports Xtra

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In a 6-minute 45-second interview that ran on Ch. 7’s Sports Xtra Sunday night, Manny Ramirez talked about his future in baseball, his June scuffles with Kevin Youkilis and Jack McCormick, and even the call from inside the Wall last Wednesday. Some excerpts from Manny’s interview with Ch. 7’s Larry Ridley follow:

On attending the All-Star game at Yankee Stadium this week:
“I’m blessed. I grew up in New York. My dad, he used to take me to Yankee Stadium when I was 13 and 14, and all my friends are there. I’ve got some family still in the Bronx. I’m just happy to be back.”


On the person he was talking to from inside the Green Monster last Wednesday:
“I wasn’t a big deal. I go there all the time to say hi to the guys, they always got some Gatorade for me, and I was talking to [Carlos] Gomez in the other dugout and I saw the phone and I was messing around with him … It was all good, I’m glad that everybody thought it was funny.”

On David Ortiz’s impending return:
“Davey, we’re excited to [have him] come back. We’re gonna have the 1-2 punch again. We’re gonna do it again. We’re gonna repeat. That’s what it’s all about.”

On the Youkilis, McCormick altercations:
“That’s part of life, in every family there’s always some problems. We take care of [the] problems, and we move on. So whatever happened here you know, it always gets leaked outside but, it’s done and so we’re here to win. We’re not here to babysit babies. We’re here to win games and that’s what it is.”

On returning to the Red Sox next year:
“This is a business. If I come back, I come back. If not, I move on … I’m in a great situation, you know why? If they don’t pick it [contract option] up, I’m a free agent. I can go play somewhere else for four years and move on. And if not, still gonna be making $20 million for a year so, look the ball’s in my court so I ain’t worried about it so they want me back, I’ll come back. If not, I’ll move on.”


Watch the entire interview with Manny Ramirez here

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