Papi in Portand: Night 2

By Dan Hickling
Globe Correspondent

PORTLAND, Maine — Greetings from sunny Hadlock Field, where the wind, tonight, is blowing out to right center. That’s a jet stream that would seem to be favorable for a left-handed power hitter…someone like, say, David Ortiz, who just happens to be on hand.

This is Day 2 of Ortiz’s expected three-day rehab stint with the Portland Sea Dogs, and in his post-batting practice press session, he smiled at the prospect of having a favorable tail wind.

“Are you telling me I’m hitting the ball out today, because of that?”, he said. “That’s a good thing.”


Ortiz certainly rode the winds during PB, knocking out (by one man’s count) 11 of the best room-service fastballs that Sox’ roving hitting instructor Victor Rodriguez had to offer.

Still the biggest bomb of the day was launched by lefty slugger Lars Anderson, who reached a spot half way up the right field pavillion.

Ortiz is hitting in his customary third spot in the Sea Dog lineup. He’ll be facing Connecticut Defenders righty Garrett Broshius, who is a respectable 10-6.

More to come.

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