Ortiz’s clubhouse cameo

A bit of a funny sighting before the game.

At about 3:30, between 15 and 20 media members had gathered around Red Sox slugger David Ortiz’ locker. Ortiz would be playing in his first game since May 31 and everyone obviously wanted to get his opinion on how he felt and so on.

Sox reliever Manny Delcarmen walked over to a fridge near Ortiz’ locker and grabbed a drink and saw the large crowd of reporters waiting for Ortiz.

“Hmm…David must be back,” he said to no one in particular.

“David who?” mused Sox captain Jason Varitek.

A few minutes later, Ortiz appeared and walked over to his locker as the media scrum converged toward him like water moving downhill.


He said, “I’m really excited to play. I’m back.” and then “I’ll talk to you guys after the game.”

And that was that.

Game update: The Yankees’ Joba Chamberlain and the Sox Josh Beckett are giving us the notion that tonight will be a pitcher’s duel.

Through two innings, Chamberlain has struck out two and allowed three singles. Beckett has K’d two and allowed two hits.

We’re knotted at a 0-0 tie with the top of the Yanks’ order coming up.

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