Shaughnessy: Sox fed up

The Red Sox have had it with Manny Ramirez, Dan Shaughnessy writes in the pages of today’s Boston Globe. Ramirez sat out last night’s game against the Yankees after telling Sox management he had a sore knee. The admission by Ramirez came after manager Terry Francona had already penciled the slugger’s name into the lineup. The Sox were forced to juggle the lineup, and despite the return of David Ortiz, lost the game, 1-0.

“This time, the Sox plan to do something about this situation,” Shaughnessy writes. “Soon.”

This time, of course, is a reference to Ramirez’s history with the team, which includes quite a few controversial moments. Ramirez had an MRI on his knee yesterday, which came up clean. It’s hard for anyone but Ramirez to know how his knee truly feels. However, it seems like the Red Sox are already fed up, according to Shaughnessy,


“Something’s got to give,” he writes. “The owners are mad. The manager is frustrated. The GM is frustrated. Teammates are angry.”

What do you think? Is this the tipping point for Ramirez with the Sox? Leave your comment.

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