Boras talks about Manny and the Sox

Scott Boras, Manny Ramirez’s agent, was on ESPN’s First Take today and spoke about the recent happenings between his client and the Red Sox:

“I think Manny and the Red Sox have had a long relationship and certainly they have dialog annually about the best interests of what his desires are, what his desires are, what the organization is,” Boras said. “I think the organization and Manny are aware of what each other’s positions are as they go forward. As to how that resolves I think is largely a discussion that will take place between them and I’m sure that with the level of communication they’ve had of late that they have an opportunity to work something out among themselves.”


Boras was asked if he thought Manny would be traded by the deadline tomorrow.

“No I think when you have great players and you have a team that’s a great team, those decisions become all the more difficult mainly because the fact that you have two interests at hand, one being a player who has rights and a club who has a strong interest in being very successful in the postseason and during the season so, the fact of finding a fit and putting things together is more difficult in that situation.”

Boras was asked if Manny would be back with the Red Sox next season.

“Manny Ramirez is an extraordinary player,” Boras replied. “He played on two World Series teams in the last four years. He’s been an integral part of a great number of years of success for an organization, has a skill level that is Hall of Fame caliber and when you talk about whether or not a player goes somewhere or stays somewhere, I think that is largely dependent upon, in this case, really the best interest of both parties.”

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