Manny this morning: ‘Nobody has called me’

A few noteworthy tidbits from ESPN to pass along, including some comments from Manny this morning and a report that “progress is being made” toward a deal.

  • “Nobody has called me from Boston, and neither has my agent [Scott Boras],” Ramírez told “The only thing I know of a possible trade is what I’ve seen in ESPN.”
  • ESPN The Magazine’s Buster Olney, citing an executive involved in the conversations regarding Ramirez, reported that progress is being made. The feeling is momentum is building toward completion of a deal.
  • Some commentary from Olney, on ESPN: “If he’s not traded by 4 p.m. today, there’s a 1 percent chance that he finishes the year with the Red Sox. This has gotten so ugly,” said Olney, referencing Ramirez’s recent trade demands and lackadiasical play.

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