Still working on Manny deal

The three-way deal for Manny Ramirez was still a work in progress between Boston, Florida and Pittsburgh. One major league source indicated he felt the deal was slightly hung up on an extra prospect that Pittsburgh might want to feel as though they’re receiving proper return (they’re getting Jeremy Hermida and prospects) for left fielder Jason Bay and reliever John Grabow.

There are different scenarios for that prospect. There’s the possibility that the extra prospect would have to come from Boston, which would be a real problem considering the Red Sox are dealing Manny Ramirez and offering to pay the rest of his salary. (Incredibly, the Florida Marlins might acquire a $20 million superstar and make money on the deal). If that were the case would the Sox require another player (shortstop Jack Wilson?) to go along with Bay and Grabow? There’s also the possibility that Florida has to pony up another blue-chipper to make it work.


And certainly if this falls through, Tampa Bay, in spite of their interest in Adam Dunn, would rather jump in and take Bay. They have a plethora of prospects to pull it off.

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