Where does Bay fit in the Sox lineup?

The Sox lost their cleanup hitter in Manny Ramirez, which begs the question: Who takes his place in the all-important No. 4 spot in the Red Sox lineup? And where does Jason Bay fit in?

Do you think Mike Lowell is a good fit to move into the cleanup spot? Do the Red Sox dare move David Ortiz out of the No. 3 hole, where he’s been so effective? What about Youk or J.D. Drew? Or newcomer Jason Bay, whose 22 homers are more than any current member of the Red Sox and whose 64 RBIs rank second only to Kevin Youkilis’s 70. (Bay also spent much of his time in the No. 4 spot in the Pirates lineup.) Or does Terry Francona take a step outside the box and retool the lineup completely?

Share your thoughts and fill out Francona’s lineup card for us in the comments section.


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