Manny wanted to stay?

In a surprising development, the Globe’s Gordon Edes today uncovered that Manny Ramirez actually lobbied to remain in Boston after learning he had been traded to the Dodgers, his agent telling the team his client would behave for the rest of the season if they didn’t pick up his 2009 contract option. The Red Sox’ response? Thanks, but no thanks. Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“Of all the Manny moments in Boston, the last ranks as one of the most confounding. Within an hour after Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein informed Manny Ramírez he had been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers Thursday, Ramírez’s agent, Scott Boras, called the Sox back, according to a source with direct knowledge of the negotiations. If the Sox dropped the option years on his contract – which they had agreed to do if they traded him – Boras said Ramírez would not be a problem the rest of the season.


“For the Sox, the source said, Ramírez’s pledge of good behavior only served as a tacit admission that his disruptive conduct of the last couple of weeks had been calculated, and they had had good cause to suspect more was in the offing if they did not trade him. The Sox told him thanks but no thanks, what was done was done, and pack plenty of sunscreen.”

What’s your take on this? Does this affect your opinion of the trade? Would the Sox have been better off keeping Manny for the stretch run? Vote in our poll, and weigh in in our comments section.

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