Report: Red Sox claim Brian Giles

According to a report in the San Diego Union-Tribune the Red Sox have claimed outfielder Brian Giles off waivers from the Padres:

The Union-Tribune has learned that the Boston Red Sox have claimed Padres right fielder Brian Giles off the waiver wire, if only to keep him away from the two teams with better records in the American League. Thus, Boston entered a 48-hour period in which the Sox have exclusive rights to try to work out a trade with San Diego.

Giles is not in today’s starting lineup for the finale of the Padres’ series with the New York Mets– Jody Gereut’s penciled in to play right field — though Manager Bud Black said the day off was scheduled and Giles is available to play.

“Just a regular thing,” Black said. “Day game, 37-year-old player.”

The Red Sox wouldn’t seem the most likely team interested in Giles, since they already have an outfield loaded with stars J.D. Drew, Jason Bay and Jacoby Ellsbury as well as Coco Crisp. They may just be protecting themselves against Giles landing with one of their division rivals and/or teams they may face in the postseason.

After Giles had cleared National League waivers, the only other two AL teams after Boston with a shot at claiming him were the AL East-leading Tampa Bay Rays and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

If the Padres and Red Sox do not work out a trade, the Padres can retain Giles, whose contract includes Boston among the 10 teams with which he has veto power for a trade.

More on Giles and the Sox from the Union-Tribune this afternoon:

It could come down to whether Giles finds a salary increase enticing enough to consent to joining the Red Sox, one of eight teams on his no-trade list. Giles, 37, likes to play every day. The Red Sox, who don’t appear to have a starting job for him, probably cannot give him as much playing time as he would get from the Padres.

What do the Padres stand to gain from a trade? At least $2.75 million in payroll relief this season, plus talent in the form of prospects from Boston’s deep farm system, while perhaps retaining access to Giles for 2009.


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