Sox move on

CHICAGO – As much as the Red Sox would have liked depth and protection for their injured players, they are moving on at this hour after receiving a thumbs down from San Diego outfielder Brian Giles on a deal to Boston. A Padres source has confirmed that Giles, who had a no-trade clause that included Boston, will be returned to the Padres.

The Red Sox are still searching for outfield protection and may not be through scouring the waiver wire for another player who has cleared waivers who might protect them off the bench. Because Giles isn’t that much of an impact player, it’s doubtful the Sox feel a victory that he won’t be heading to Tampa Bay. It appears Giles would have vetoed a deal there as well.


The Padres are doing all they can to dump payroll and seemed to think Boston would have no problem picking up the pro-rated $9 million contract which would also include a $2 million relocation bonus. It’s all for naught now.

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