Does Manny have his sights set on the Yankees?

According to a report in today’s New York Post, Manny Ramirez wants to play for the Yankees next season so he can “get at the Red Sox.”

George King writes about “Manny’s revenge” in today’s Post:

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Having successfully orchestrated his divorce from Boston and his landing in with the Dodgers, Manny Ramirez would like to make life miserable for the Red Sox during the next few seasons.

According to people who have spoken to the eccentric outfielder since he was dealt to L.A. on July 31, Ramirez wants to sign a free-agent deal with the New York Yankees this offseason and get 19 chances a year to punish Boston.

“He wants to play for the Yankees so he can get at the Red Sox,” a close friend of Ramirez’s told The Post.

Do you think Manny will wind up with the Yankees once he finishes the season with the Dodgers and becomes a free agent? Post your comments on a potential Yankee Manny.

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