Giles would have been great protection

TORONTO – This is precisely why the Red Sox wanted to trade for Brian Giles. Not only for depth, but in case one of their outfielders broke down. Well, J.D. has done just that with a herniated disk.

The presumption is that Drew will wind up on the disabled list. That’s a big loss for the lineup. The Red Sox will likely try to pull off a deal to obtain another hitter. Giles would have been perfect, but he elected to stay in San Diego.

We’ll see over the next few hours who might be available for the Sox. Aubrey Huff would be ideal, but the Orioles don’t like to deal within the division. The Sox do have Jason Lane at Triple A. Kenny Lofton has been a player who’d love to play again, but has been asking too much money. Dare we say Barry Bonds? I don’t think we do.

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