Curt Schilling on WEEI

Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling appeared on WEEI’s “Dennis & Callahan Show” this morning and, in between talking politics and dodging questions on his potential retirement, he commented on the injury plaguing teammate Josh Beckett.


Curt Schilling (AP)

“Like everyone else, it wasn’t something that I heard and said, ‘Eh, he’ll be alright,'” said Schilling. “Any time you have tingling nerves, you’re a little bit on edge. I’m anxious to hear how everything plays out.”

Asked if he was worried to hear Beckett, who was scratched from tonight’s start and will instead visit elbow specialist Dr. James Andrews, express concern given the ace’s typical swagger, Schilling said any pitcher would be worried with an arm injury.


“The other part you don’t get is that Josh is an honest guy,” said Schilling. “He’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind. It is a scary situation and he’s… smart enough to understand there’s a nerve involved and, any time you talk about that, it’s scary.”

So what would the potential loss of Beckett mean for the Sox’ playoff push?

“It’s a huge blow, you’re without your No. 1, the guy who picks you up and puts you on his back going into October,” said Schilling. “I hope everything works out fine.”

A few other nuggets from Schilling:

  • On Jon Lester’s performance Thursday: “He’s just a horse… He’s getting bigger and stronger every day… He’s an ace in the making. He had a bad outing the other day and bounced back against an incredible offense. He was phenomenal yesterday.”
  • On if he’s any closer to making up his mind about retiring: “No,” said Schilling, who then evaded a barrage of playful questions, but admitted he was still “really leaning” toward retirement. Asked when we could expect a formal announcement, Schilling said, “When I decide.”

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