Papelbon gets down and dirty

Comcast SportsNet video

You may have read about Jonathan Papelbon’s “Dirty Dancing” high school video that was played in the Red Sox clubhouse before last night’s game. Now it’s your turn to take a look at the closer’s early days on stage.

Comcast SportsNet now has the fully produced piece entitled “Cinco Ocho: The High School Years” online. Watch it here.

And if that’s not enough Papelbon for you, Comcast SportsNet has more video of Papelbon as a fashion model and the unedited version of the Sox closer’s tribute to “Dirty Dancing.”

Read more on the story of how the video, provided by Papelbon’s parents, Sheila and John, made its way into the Sox clubhouse last night here: Jonathan Papelbon: The High School Years


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