Closing the clubhouse

While the media usually have access to the clubhouse after batting practice — between that time and 6 p.m. — the clubhouse closed around 5;30 today. The Sox players had a very important issue to discuss: playoff shares.

Though apparently Justin Masterson wasn’t invited. He was sitting in the dugout when the meeting was going on. When he was told that he might want to head back to join his teammates, he said that it was OK. Jon Lester had told him he didn’t have to come. Perhaps rookies weren’t invited?

There was a sighting of another player, too. Certainly not a rookie. After an extended absence from the Sox clubhouse, Curt Schilling made an appearance this afternoon, the first since his surgery. He didn’t stop long to talk, just said a quick hello and moved on. He did make a point of going over to see Paul Byrd, tonight’s starter. The two were teammates in their Philly days.

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