Yet another Drew & Lowell update

The Red Sox face uncertainty about how the injuries to both J.D. Drew and Mike Lowell will affect their postseason roster. Drew has moved from frustration to confusion regarding the herniated disc in his back and how it has affected his back. “We can’t really figure it out,” he said today, sitting down and facing his locker. The Red Sox and Drew, who was out of the lineup again today, don’t seem to think he’ll play again before the playoffs.

“I think everybody’s concerned, especially myself,” Drew said. “You know I played the other night, played three innings, didn’t feel great by any means, but I got through it. Felt decent when I left the game, thought I’d be ready for the next day, I was stiff. Tried to go out and run some sprints and that just kind of set everything off. I had to come in, I tried to hit in the cage for a few swings and that didn’t work out too well. Came in, did some treatment, was pretty stiff.”


Drew’s back, to understate, is on-again, off-again. How was it feeling today?

“I have stiffness when I wake up, stiffness when I get out of the car,” Drew said. “But I’m able to do some things as far as like coming in, getting some work in, and doing some treadmill stuff. I was able to hit in the cage a little bit yesterday, so I’m going to see what I can do this morning to get loose, kind of do the same thing as I did yesterday, see how it goes.”

The news about Mike Lowell is more encouraging. The pain he felt last night after a checked swing, he said, felt similar to the pain he had in Tampa roughly 10 days ago, the snag that led to his eight-game absence. This morning, though, his right hip felt better than the morning after the Tampa issue.

“Mikey actually was a little surprised that he felt as good as he did,” Terry Francona said. “Last time he did this or had an episode, in Tampa, he woke up the next day and was really sore. So I think that’s at least somewhat encouraging. So what we’ll do, we’ll just let him spend the next couple days, let the medical people work with him, and we’ll get him out there Tuesday and run him through a workout and see how he does. I visited with Mikey last night, I visited with him this morning. We’re on the same page. He’s a tough kid, maybe the toughest I’ve ever seen. He’s hurting. We’ll evaluate how he’s doing and go from there. I mean he’s not ready to quit, so we would not quit on him.”

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