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Obscure but telling facts from the 2008 Red Sox season from statistician Chuck Waseleski of Millers Falls:

Red Sox’ record within the American League East. They are a major league-best 57-33 in games against other divisions.

Games in which the Red Sox scored first — more than any team except the Mets (100 games).

Red Sox’ record in games where they scored first (.750). The Angels have the best record in the major leagues when scoring first (.810).

42-6, 30-18
Red Sox’ record when they scored first at home and when they scored first on the road.

Red Sox’ major league-best record against teams that finished .500 or below. They were 44-48 (.478) against teams that finished over .500.


18-5, 4-18
Red Sox’ record in one-run games at Fenway Park, best in the AL, and record in one-run games on the road, worst in the AL.

Red Sox’ record in games decided by between 3 and 5 runs, second only to the Cubs (38-15).

ERA of opposing lefthanded starters at Fenway Park this season (5-12 in 21 starts). The Angels’ Joe Saunders was 2-0, 3.75 at Fenway in 2008.

Red Sox’ record in games Coco Crisp started. They were 32-32 when he didn’t start. The Sox were 40-18 in games where Crisp batted eighth or ninth.

Red Sox’ record in games Jason Varitek did not start.

Red Sox’ record in games Kevin Youkilis started.

Red Sox’ record in games decided from the eighth inning on.
Number of Red Sox wins in their final at-bat, tied with the Angels for most in the AL. The Brewers led the majors with 28 wins in their final at-bat.
Red Sox’ record in games decided by one or two runs this season. The Angels were 61-28 in such games.
Games won by the Red Sox by seven or more runs, most in the majors.
Runs the Red Sox scored in the first inning, most in the AL.
Number of batters who hit 30 home runs for the Red Sox, their first season without one since 1999.
94, 79
Number of home runs hits by the Red Sox on the road and at Fenway Park. The last time they hit more home runs at home than on the road was 1996.
Doubles hits by the Red Sox, the 15th team in major league history to reach 350 in a season. They have reached that number four of the last six seasons. The Rangers set a major league record with 376 doubles this season.
Different batting orders by the Red Sox this season.
Red Sox batters who had two-home run games in 2008: Youkilis (4), Ortiz (3), Ramirez, Ellsbury, and Bay (1 each).
Plate appearances by the Red Sox with the bases loaded, most in the majors. The Red Sox hit .307 with 17 walks.
Number of David Ortiz’s 89 RBIs that came in the first inning.
Kevin Youkilis’s batting average in day games at Fenway Park.
Jason Bay’s batting average against lefthanded pitchers with the Red Sox. He hit .190 against lefthanders with Pittsburgh this season.
Jason Bay’s average in 92 at-bats with Jed Lowrie hitting behind him. In 88 at-bats with others batting behind him, he hit .193.
Number of times the Red Sox hit back-to-back home runs this season, five times against Baltimore.
Dustin Pedroia’s batting average with two strikes; all other Red Sox batters hit .192.
Number of Kevin Youkilis’s 29 home runs that came from the seventh inning on. He also hit .353 from the seventh inning on.
David Ortiz’s batting average with two outs and runners in scoring position; all other Red Sox batters hit .239.
Number of game-winning RBIs for J.D. Drew, best on the Red Sox.
J.D. Drew’s average on artificial turf; all other Red Sox batters hit .234.
Kevin Cash’s average on the first pitch; he hit .179 after the first pitch.
Jason Varitek’s average with the tying or go-ahead run in scoring position.
Number of Sean Casey’s 17 RBIs that tied the game or gave the Red Sox the lead.
Red Sox’ average after the previous batter had been intentionally walked. Kevin Youkilis was 4 for 8 with 7 RBIs after an intentional walk.
Kevin Youkilis’s hits off or over the Green Monster (2 singles, 9 doubles, 1 triple, and 12 home runs). Dustin Pedroia had 23 (3 singles, 13 doubles, and 7 home runs).
Margin by which the Red Sox outscored their opponents at home, second only to the Twins (127).
Number of pitchers who won at least one game for the Red Sox in 2008.
Number of different starting pitchers the Red Sox used in 2008, tying the Dodgers for the most among playoff teams.
Red Sox starting pitchers’ ERA on the road, third best in the league. Their 3.86 ERA at home ranked seventh in the league.
Opponents’ average against Red Sox pitchers in the first inning. They hit .173 against Tim Wakefield, .208 against Daisuke Matsuzaka, .230 against Jon Lester, and .233 against Josh Beckett.
Opposing starters’ ERA against the Red Sox, second highest in the majors (versus Texas, 5.35). They averaged 5.54 innings pitched against Boston, second fewest in the majors (versus Mets, 5.51 innings).
Manny Delcarmen’s ERA after the All-Star break, best among Red Sox relievers. The others: Jonathan Papelbon, 2.20; Hideki Okajima, 2.28; Justin Masterson, 2.36; Javier Lopez, 2.82.
Red Sox pitchers’ ERA with Jason Varitek catching. The ERA is 4.84 with all other catchers.
Tim Wakefield’s ERA in innings where he retired the leadoff batter. His ERA was 9.57 in innings where the leadoff batter reached base.
Opposing lefthanded batters’ average against Hideki Okajima. The numbers against other Red Sox lefties: .215 against Jon Lester, .181 against Javier Lopez.
Opponents’ average against Justin Masterson with two outs and runners in scoring position.
Games Jon Lester started in which the Red Sox shut out their opponent, most in the majors.
5-1, 1.41
Jon Lester’s record and ERA in nine starts after a Red Sox loss.
9-2, 2.48
Jon Lester’s record and ERA against AL East opponents. Only Toronto’s Roy Halladay (12-6, 2.97) won more games within the division.
Number of wins by Jon Lester at Fenway Park this season, second only to the Cubs’ Ryan Dempster (14) for home victories.
Club-leading number of infield hits allowed by Jon Lester this season. Tim Wakefield, Daisuke Matsuzaka, and Clay Buchholz were tied for second with eight.
Percentage of Daisuke Matsuzaka’s 154 strikeouts that came swinging (125 swinging, 29 called).
Daisuke Matsuzaka’s road ERA, lowest in the majors among pitchers with eight or more road starts.
Number of hits Daisuke Matsuzaka allowed off or over the Green Monster (5 doubles and 1 home run) in 339 at-bats.
Opponents’ average against Daisuke Matsuzaka with the tying or go-ahead runner in scoring position.
Average innings per start for Josh Beckett, eighth in the majors. Toronto’s Roy Halladay led with 7.38. Jon Lester ranked 11th with 6.37.
Number of the 25 inherited runners Hideki Okajima allowed to score.
Opponents’ No. 9 batters’ average against Jon Lester. All other hitters batted .248.
Number of the 25 home runs allowed by Tim Wakefield that came in the first or second inning.
Number of wins the bullpen blew for Tim Wakefield. The bullpen blew nine wins for the rest of the starters.
Unearned runs allowed by the Red Sox, fourth fewest in baseball.
Opponents’ average against Josh Beckett with two outs and runners in scoring position.
Percentage of innings Jonathan Papelbon retired the side in order (28 of 65).
Opponents’ average against David Aardsma with two outs.
Number of home runs allowed by Paul Byrd on the first pitch or with an 0-1 count.
Opponents’ leadoff batters’ average against Red Sox pitchers, lowest in the majors.
Inning this season in which Jason Varitek caught Tim Wakefield. Varitek caught every inning pitched by Daisuke Matsuzaka and Josh Beckett.

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