Make some noise


These cards — sponsored by Memorial Care Medical Center — were distributed at the gates for Game 1.

From the baseball club that popularized the polarizing rally monkey and Thundersticks, we bring you the latest in Orange County noise-producing technology:Thunderfans.


Okay, so they don’t have a real name yet (not one that we’ve been told, anyhow) nor did the Angels exactly give their fans much reason to utilize these noisemakers during Game 1. But here’s what was supposed to happen.

At first glance, it simply looks like a signs that reads, “What A Year,” (with the A being an Angels logo) and there are holes on each end to hold the sign aloft. But there’s also pre-added folds that allow the LA faithful to fold them up, accordion style, creating a fan’s fan (good when temperatures climb above 90 degrees as they did during Game 1).


When the home team needs a boost, fans are supposed to mash these folded-up signs (see image at right) against a solid object to create noise. We’ll admit, they produce more sound than you might think.


But the tactic didn’t work Wednesday and the Angels are already going to the bullpen. Fans were greeted at the gates today with a fresh shipment of Thundersticks.

If this doesn’t work, and the Angels are able to force a deciding Game 5 here next week, maybe they’ll hand out rally monkeys to fans (instead of selling them at every turn in the ballpark).

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