Boras: Manny never comfortable in Boston

Unless he’s entering from the visitor’s clubhouse, Manny Ramirez is not going to come walking through that door at Fenway Park next year.

“Yes, Boston is out of the equation for Manny,” agent Scott Boras confirmed today on the Dan Patrick radio show, when asked if the Red Sox were out of the mix for Manny Ramirez. Boras also said Manny was never comfortable living in the Boston area.

“Well certainly he was happy in Los Angeles, he was happy in Cleveland, and he’s given me some other destinations where he believes he’s going to be comfortable playing baseball,” Boras said. “I’m not here to make a public record of it [possible destinations], but he’s given me a list of teams.” Boras would not comment on any other teams that may be involved in negotiations with the former Red Sox left fielder.


Boras was asked by Patrick whether he thought it was fair for teams to inquire about the experiences Manny had with the Red Sox in Boston.

“I think the totality of the circumstances [of Boston] are very fair to ask. … Owners, when they talk to me about any player, they’re going to want to know about a lot of factors,” Boras said. “I think you have to address the Cleveland issue. And the Los Angeles issue. And the Boston issue about whenever you talk about Manny’s career track…

“Manny again, after signing the contract, and again, I didn’t represent him at the time, he was playing in Boston and he realized that he was not comfortable living in the city of Boston. He liked the organization, he liked his teammates, he certainly liked the success they had, but as far as living in the city of Boston, it was a place that he just really preferred to live in a different environment.”

Patrick asked Boras why Manny didn’t consider moving out into the suburbs like other New England professional athletes have done.

“I think he explored that [moving to the suburbs] and he did not find the process to be much different,” Boras said. “It was just basically that the Boston community for Manny was something that he was just not comfortable with. He happens to be comfortable in the suburbs of Cleveland, or in the suburbs of Los Angeles, but that’s just an individual appraisal on his part. He felt that way for years. He voiced it to management and certainly that was the reasoning behind his decision.”


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