Epstein: Set expectations low

Well, in the hour between Theo Epstein’s fly-by in the lobby and his first press briefing in the Red Sox suite, not much changed.

“We’re not really optimistic about our chances of getting anything done while we’re here,” Epstein said just a short time ago. “We’re not really close to anything. I wouldn’t expect anything to come out of these meetings to be honest with you.”


Let’s gamble.

Of course, things at the winter meetings can change quickly, so take all of that with a grain of salt. All it will take in the Mark Teixeira talks is for agent Scott Boras to turn up the intensity and everything will change.


Also, Epstein refused to acknowledge talks or meetings with any agents, teams or players by name, but all accounts are that the Sox did indeed meet with CC Sabathia. Epstein said that pitching coach John Farrell sat in on a meeting with one player, and neither A.J. Burnett nor Derek Lowe is believed to be at the meetings.

All for now.

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