As predicted, Sox to leave without a deal

LAS VEGAS — Three days after he suggested the Red Sox would complete no transactions before the end of these winter meetings, general manager Theo Epstein reaffirmed this morning that the Red Sox expect to leave today without any news.

Estimated time of departure: 2 p.m. PST.

The Red Sox GM said the team made offers to three free agents while in Vegas, but did not identify them.

Epstein made the remarks following this morning’s Rule 5 draft in which the Sox plucked pitcher Miguel Gonzalez from the Los Angeles Angels. Epstein said the Sox were still “in the middle” of negotiations with free agents and expected no deals before club officials left Las Vegas, presumably for Boston.


Epstein also offered some criticism of the reports that came out of these meetings, saying that many of the published and internet reports were grossly inaccurate. Epstein said that club officials heard many of the same rumors but that teams found them to be unsubstantiated.

“That isn’t a shot at you guys, not even a veiled shot,” Epstein said. “It’s the same for us.”

Tough to say whether or not we’ll have more later as many have been strolling through the lobby pulling suitcases, headed for the airport.

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